Warm Greetings From Masa Kiara ! At Kiara College we designed a program which is customized for corporate training. We cover the threads of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and character, participants examine their own limiting beliefs, learn and life success strategies, reframe attitudes, and look at replacing old ineffective habits with new successful habits. Participants define what is important to them, why they learn the way they do, and how to make use of their new knowledge to learn and live better. All our training programs are designed to immerse with the corporate participants and returned corporate participants in activities that open their eyes to what they need to succeed in corporate and beyond. In building habits for success participants participate in team activities, workshops, dialogue, and personal reflection, and gain awareness and strategies on how to successfully navigate their corporate years and build a solid foundation for their career and life. A prime focus of this program that comes into play in most of the following areas is the development by participants of a personal growth plan and clearly defined action steps.

Henry Ford once said “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, either way you’re right.” He definitely understood the value of having the right attitude. Attitude can be the deciding factor between failure and success, between boredom and fun, between staying in one place and moving forward. Attitude comes into play in every area of our lives, including organizations. Participants may enter some classes excited to be there, and enjoying the trainer and the subject. Maybe they enter other training programs “knowing” that the programs will be boring, and guess what? The program is boring. Many participants spend half their days at organizations wishing they were somewhere else, doing something else. How successful do you think they will be with that attitude? If we simply change our attitude, it’s amazing the transformation that comes with a positive attitude.

So how does a participant build a winning attitude? The first step in moving toward a positive attitude relates to tossing out any old, negative ideas we might have. And the next step is to constantly remind ourselves and totally believe in the positive outlook we create to replace them. It’s totally possible to transform an attitude of working is boring to learning is awesome! At Kiara College we suggest that participants consider where they might have an attitude problem that’s holding them back and find a positive phrase similar to learning is awesome that works for them. Their attitude problem might be along the lines of I can’t do this, which can be transformed to I know I can do this! Once participants have identified an attitude problem, we encourage them to repeat their affirmative phrase to themselves when they’re in class (or wherever they encounter the negative attitude) as well as to create a couple of colorful reminder posters to put in their home study area and in their notebook or wherever they’ll see them frequently.

Although we’ve simplified the approach to changing our attitude, it’s not something that we can achieve overnight. It’s a process and we need to be vigilant in curbing those negative thoughts and affirming the positive thoughts. The process, though, is well worth the effort a positive attitude makes a big difference in our lives. Our Policy We at Kiara College committed to excellence in people development in order to maintain and enhance its position. We aim to create a culture of throughout where individuals take responsibility in partnership with our client’s organization for their future development. Kiara College recognizes the need to develop people so that they are fully equipped to deliver our client’s business objectives; both now and however they may change in the future.


To ensure that our client’s employees equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviors to meet its business objectives in both the short and longer term. And to allow their employees to achieve their potential and career aspirations both within the organization.


  • To equip people with the technical skills required

  • To provide leadership and management development to all team members within the organization.

  • To identify the development needs of the organization and those of individuals and balance the two.

  • To ensure that development needs are identified as part of the business planning process and reviewed regularly.

  • To promote the use of the full range of development opportunities, ensuring that where a formal course is chosen it is the most appropriate solution.

  • To ensure equality of access to all development opportunities.

  • To provide personal and tailored consultancy services to help individuals and teams meet their needs.

  • To ensure the appropriate skills are in place to deliver the e business strategy.

Business Development Department Team

Hjh. Anikhoh Rusda Binti Kamarul Zaman

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Jamil Bin Lahani

General Manager

HRDF Certified Trainers

Hjh. Anikhoh Rusda Binti Kamarul Zaman

Starting her career as management lecturer at Institute Tun Abdul Razak Alor Setar, Kedah. Then, she continued her career at Citibank Penang as marketing executive and RHB Bank as a Premium Banking Officer. She also involved in property business. Being more than 10 years experienced in education industry by having position as a Admin Manager, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Student’s Affair Manager and Account Executive at INSTEDT College.

Dr. Hussin Bin Che Pa

Vast experience in legal and higher education sectors. Graduated from the University of Malay with LL.B (Hons), 1980, LL.M (University of London) (1983) and PhD (University Technology Malaysia in 2017). Gained 36 years’ experience in public and private education industries. Former Deputy Dean, School off Management USM, Deputy Chief Executive, Institute of science and Technology Darul Takzim (INSTEDT) and currently Chief Executive of Kiara College.

Dr. Jamil Bin Lahani

Graduated Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from University Malaysia Sabah in 2019, involved in computer programming language such as C++, Java and Python education for 5 years. Jamil has hands on experience teaching students in various subjects such as mathematics, computer graphics and information technology for 5 years. He has held attend various international conference related to mathematics and computer graphic fields. Currently, he is General Manager Business Development at Masa Kiara Sdn Bhd.

Puteri Syazlin Fazira Binti Hussin

Graduated degree holder in 2017 at UNITAR University, Selangor. She has been involved in hospital in industry for 5 years since diploma and have experienced in five star hotel and catering industry. Currently, she a full time lecturer at Kiara College since 2017 teaching basic cooker, pastry, event management and food service subject.