A Word From CEO

Dr. Hussin Che Pa

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

For every book we read, the nearer we envision maxim wisdom. It is not the end product that matter the most, it is the journey that define a man’s pathway. Greetings from the CEO’s office! Welcoming a new dynasty, an era of assured higher learning – KIARA College Engineering Education Solution! With a combined of over 300 years of industrial and intelligence expertise, we wish to record our appreciation to our sister college, MASA College for their undivided attention and commitment in making KIARA College a reality and soaring. Proud local Sabahan, Mt. Kinabalu symbolizes our monumental testament in a concerted effort to help ease and remedy poverty by developing functional human Capital through higher learning education system. KIARA College is a new education dimension, offering professional and accredited programs such as Diploma in Executive Secretaryship, Diploma in Corporate Administration and Diploma in Hotel Management. We aim to equip and arm our students with sufficient Knowledge and high level of competency skills. Students learning experience will be clustered into 7 semesters over a period of 2 1/2 years. In order to develop future working capital, learning curves will encompasses learning outcomes domains such as Knowledge, Practical skills, Social Skills and responsibilities, Ethics, professionalism and humanities, communication, leadership and team skills, scientific methods, critical thinking and problem solving skills, lifelong learning and information management as well as entrepreneurship and managerial skills. Henceforth, KIARA College believes in dynamism and inspiring students as such would give them a great and profound platform as career pathway to destine greatness. It’s scintillatingly moving towards excellent. It’s not just education, its career development. Making history since 1997!